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A cheekily honest documentation of my mission to achieve peak #mindfulmotherhood status. Purely me. Purely Mommy. 

  • Kelsey Hogan


Greetings, and thank you so, SO much for visiting my new project, Purely Mommy. My vision, like the name, is simple: showcasing motherhood, purely. This means ALL of it. The incredible, and the not so amazing. The joys and the struggles. The first "I love you's," the peepees on the living room rug, and everything - and I mean EVERYthing - in between.

It's life as a mom, in the purest form. Of course, I gotta add a side order of sass with a dash of never taking myself too seriously.

This in mind, I thought I might share a little bit about ME. "Oh, hi there, I’m Kelsey!" You may know me as @itskels_life on Instagram or through my posts with Detroit Moms Blog (both of which I am still a dedicated part of!). With Purely Mommy, you’ll get all that you love about the “It’s Kels” life in a raw, personal, and consistent new platform.

Basically, I want to share more and connect more... and needed a place to do it!

Let’s start from the beginning of this little path, shall we? Rewind to about three years ago. I moved to Detroit, newly preggo and freshly friendless. It is truly through motherhood that I created my community (some call it a tribe, village etc.), and continue - each and every day - to discover my true self. Yes, I’ll say it. Being a mom changed (and continues to change...this is a consistent theme in motherhood) me. And I’m proud of that; Embrace it, mama!

Enter, Purely Mommy. An extension of this IRL community, connecting with moms and want-to-be-moms everywhere.

My #lifegoal is to be a mindful mother. Scratch that. Human. A mindful human. But, what does it mean?

To start, I strive to live with intention. Absorb positivity, and exhale that negative $hit. It's realizing that I am enough, and heck, we all are. No.matter.what. It's letting go of CONTROL (this is a big one for me). Enjoying the happy, and not taking it for granted. And, saving the most cliche for last, it's continuing to improve myself and become my best, truest self. MY MOST PURE SELF. See what I did there?

A lot of this self-discovery goes hand in hand with becoming a mom. But for me, it is also largely due to a motherhood hurdle that I never thought I would face: secondary infertility. So, while this isn’t an infertility blog, it is certainly a huge part of my life. In a few short years, I’ve gone from being a patient with a number to being a personal advocate. I’m on a mission to create awareness about this incredibly common women’s issue, whilst also attempting to grow my family and remain sane doing it. More to come on this topic.

And there’s also a wellness element to all of this - both physical and mental. Yep, I’m talking about that self-care stuff, but digging deeper (sometimes, not always!) too. My fertility issues first led me towards the path of a more holistic way of life. And, as it tends to happen, the domino effect occurred. I realized it wasn’t just my fertility that was affected by my lifestyle choices, but literally every.single.thing about my being. Head to toe. It’s crazy! I am sort of addicted and super excited about it all. So again...more to come. I know, I know. I’ll try to stop leaving you hanging.

I'm a SAHM (did I already mention that)? So a big part of my mindful mommying is figuring out what the heck to do with my kid every day that doesn't involve the letters I - P - A or D. From how to raise him to how to cook hot dogs in the microwave, toddler life is what I live and breathe, 24/7, 365. Team #nodaysoff.

Oh, a few more details “about me”...

I have a husband. His name is Ed and maybe he’ll pop up around here from time to time. I currently live in Detroit. I spend my days raising my almost-three-year-old Reese (I know, his hair is amazing) and dabbling in freelance content creation. My hobbies include barre workouts, photography, home organization, toddler adventuring, Netflix, and travel. I enjoy a steaming mug of black tea in the morning, and like to be in bed before the sun goes down.

So, there it is. Brief, but a beginning. The beginning of Purely Mommy. Yee!

Here’s to the start. Now, let’s see where we can take it!